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Shibui Meaning

~Shibui is the Art of Simplicity~

Shibui describes a profound, unassuming, quiet feeling. It is unobtrusive and unostentatious. It may have hidden attainments, but they are not paraded or displayed. The form is simple and must have been arrived at with an economy of means. Shibui is never complicated or contrived.

It is a knowing exploration of its methods and materials inherent capabilities. A thing shibui must have depth worth studying after first being noticed. It must not reveal itself all at once. It is interesting, with intrinsic quality and depth of character. It’s beauty is imperfect and unique, enhanced by particularities.

If a color scheme is to be shibui, the large areas should be dark, rich and unobtrusive, but with a touch of sharp, astringent color to add interest. Shibui is the essence of controlled understatement, and requires an attitude of modesty and humility.




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