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    Ayurvedic Body Care Products and Treatments


    Shankara Ayurvedic Body Care Products blend the Alchemy from both ancient Eastern Ayurveda and “State of the Art” Western ideals. Shankara products embody an East-West concept mirrored in their Lotus-Rose logo. The Rose……. a symbol of pure beauty and love in the West, and the Lotus……. a symbol of wisdom and light in the East, together symbolize Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Light.

    Shankara products are formulated around the 5,000-year-old Indian tradition and philosophy called Ayurveda. Shankara builds their philosophy around the knowledge of the therapeutic uses of herbs and oils to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.


    Shankara products are designed to maintain balance for your Ayurvedic skin type as well as to help correct any temporary imbalance that can result from diet, season, lifestyle, emotions, or changing mental state. Radiant beauty and health is considered to be an outer reflection of the proper inner balance of the three dosha’s. Partnering Shankara with our team of trained therapist’s, we aspire to help balance your dosha’s leaving you with the highest level of inner beauty, outer beauty, and a lasting state of balance.


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  • Herbal Toning Cellulite Wrap – Ayurvedic

    This Ayurvedic treatment is designed to stimulate lymph, exfoliate dryness, hydrate, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This amazing treatment creates a warm space for deep relaxation while toning and hydrating your skins area(s) of concern. This meditative practice includes a Dead Sea Herbal Exfoliate sprinkle followed by the application of toning products and a warm blanket wrap. Before you are cocooned in warm blankets, your therapist will apply a mist of Cellulite Support Activator and gently knead in the Cellulite Support Wrap to your area(s) of concern. After showering your skin will be rejuvenated with a Cellulite Treatment Oil and finished with an application of Cellulite Support Activator and Toning Body Silk. This treatment is available in a series and the products are available for at home maintenance in our retail area.


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    60 min - $145

  • Shibui Aromatherapy Massage

    Let essential oils work together to rid the body of toxins and improve your overall well-being. The oils are applied directly to your body in a series of calm, gliding strokes and finished with a 60 minute Classic Swedish massage.


    90 minutes - $170

  • Pure Fiji Sugar Glow Body Polishing Treatment

    Fresh sugar cane crystals will manually exfoliate while naturally occurring alpha hydroxyls gently buff away aging skin cells. Once the skins healthier layers are exposed, your tropically hydrated skin will be sealed with an Organic Coconut oil application massage. You will leave with the Renewed Glowing skin you deserve.

    60 minutes - $140

  • Dance of the Desert Signature Body Treatment

    A deeply calming experience for the mind and body. Inhale the balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely rejuvenating spa experience. Included is a full body scrub, a warming wrap, full body oil application massage, lavender scalp massage and invigorating foot massage.

    90 minutes - $185

  • Shibui Signature Detox Wrap

    Incredibly relaxing and cleansing experience for the entire body. Muslin sheets are steeped in our own aromatic blend of organic eucalyptus, cloves, calendula flowers and comfrey to create a traditional wrap allowing the body to naturally detoxify. You will feel tightly wrapped and elevated in temperature. Detox wraps are one of the best ways to gently purify and tone the body, while improving circulation.

    60 minutes - $125

  • Odysea

    This service begins with a natural spirulina body wrap, rich in antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. A luxurious lavender oil application completes the experience. Includes a facial mask.

    60 minutes - $125

  • Turkish Salt Glow with Massage

    This energizing treatment blends the therapeutic benefits of thermal mineral salts with essential oils. The salt exfoliation reveals glowing skin, followed by a one-hour classic swedish massage. Substitute organic sugar scrub upon request.

    90 minutes - $175

  • Extreme Quench

    This hydrating wrap combines the moisturizing properties of aloe vera and shea butter. A scalp, neck and foot massage are included.

    60 minutes - $115

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