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  • Tri-Dosha Facial – Ayurvedic


    This nourishing and restorative treatment begins with a Tri-Dosha Ayurvedic Scalp & Hair treatment. This relaxing massage actually stimulates hair growth.  According to Ayurveda, healthy beautiful hair requires an ongoing care routine that starts with nourishment, just like your skin!  Your trained Esthetician will then customize your facial for optimum balancing from head to toe. Finishing your treatment with a meditative Balancing Bowl treatment. The Balancing Bowl is made up of metals that have specific properties in balancing the subtle energies (dosha’s) in your system. Brass balances Vata, Silver balances Pitta, and Copper balances Kapha. Your Esthetician will start by applying refreshing Nourishing Foot Oil generously to the foot. They will then glide the bowl effortlessly on the surface of the foot. Slow clockwise circles on the sole of the foot, sides of the foot, ankle, and the very tip of each toe, will leave you balance both physically and emotionally.

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    60 min - $135

  • Organic Deep Cleansing Facial

    Transform your skin with our Organic facial that gently exfoliates, soothes, hydrates and brightens. Skin is left calm, nourished and radiant.

    60 minutes - $125

  • Shibui Customized Facial

    Each facial is tailored to your unique skin type. Let our experienced Estheticians select the appropriate skin treatment for you.

    60 minutes - Starting at $125

  • Shibui Anti-Aging Facial

    The Shibui Anti-Aging Facial is designed to leave skin youthful, smooth and visibly softened. These anti-aging products work at the cellular level to increase hydration, reduce lines and wrinkles, and enhance skins natural radiance.

    60 minutes - $135

  • Microdermabrasion Facial

    This treatment uses tiny crystals which gently loosen and remove tired skin cells revealing fresh skin below.  A soothing serum and mask are applied to balance and restore healthy skin.

    60 minutes - $150

  • Zen for Men

    A therapeutic skin treatment designed specifically for him. Featuring a tension relieving scalp massage.

    60 minutes - $125

  • Ahh Hair and Scalp Treatment

    A scalp and hair treatment is profoundly relaxing and healing. Your scalp is covered with many nerve endings and pressure points. Focus on the scalp, can impact your entire nervous system leaving you re-energized from head to toe.  Add to any treatment for the perfect combines of health.

    15 minute - $35

  • Radiant Back Facial

    Give your back a complete skin revitalization. This back treatment is particularly suited to clarify your skin for bathing suits and backless dresses. Be ready for the return of summer or for your warm winter vacation. This treatment begins with a deep cleansing and coconut exfoliating scrub, followed by a purifying mask then a full back application of hydrating lotion for complete skin revitalization.

    45 minutes - $95

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