Shibui offers the perfect environment to explore a variety of retreats focused on health, wellness, and balance. Below you'll find upcoming retreats at the spa.


Pricing is adjusted per number of treatments you have scheduled on the “Fasting Day” at the spa.

Choose from (1) one (2) two or (3) three treatments to make the day complete.

You will receive a 10% discount for booking two or more treatments.

    • Your treatment options are listed below;

    * 60-min Shibui Specialized Detox Wrap

    * 60-min Ayurvedic Tri Dosha Facial

    * 75-min Ayurvedic Lotus Dream Abhyanga Massage

  • Price option #1 - $ 215

  • Price option #2 - $ 360

  • Price option #3 - $ 525

Price schedule includes 20% gratuity

12-person limit

14-day Cancellation policy

Shibui Detox Program

Shibui Detox 2020 January 2nd – 12th

Join us for our annual Shibui Detox program. Many participants come back yearly to renew their commitment to overall health. Let us coach you through the program and show you how easy it is to learn to incorporate good habits into your everyday routine all year long.

Schedule Of Activities

  • * Thursday - January 2nd - 6:30 pm - Introduction Meeting

  • * Sunday – January 4th - Start Detox Meal Plan

  • * Thursday – January 9th - 6:45 pm - Detox Yoga Session at

  • * Sunday – January 12th - Fasting day at the Spa

The Detox Includes

  • * Meet and Greet Introduction gathering

  • * Detailed information binder

  • * Daily meal outline, shopping lists, recipes, journal, etc.

  • * Fast Track Detox Diet Book

  • * Detox Yoga Session at

  • * Fasting Day Spa Treatment(s)

  • * Intention Setting Meditation(s)


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