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Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan Salt Stone

This amazing treatment will expose you to the wonderful benefits of Himalayan salt. Warm healing salt stones are applied to gently balance, detoxify, and calm the body.

30 min - $120

60 min - $180

90 min - $240

Shibui Classic Swedish Massage

This full body massage is designed to relax muscles and relieve stress through a variety of calm gliding strokes.

30 min - $95

60 min - $155

90 min - $215

Romantic Couples Massage

Shibui Spa offers the ultimate in luxurious romance. Book a couples massage and relax together in the intimate setting of one of our custom designed rooms.

60 min $310 per couple

90 min $430 per couple

Add Himalayan salt stones - $20 per person (No extra time)

Shibui Aromatherapy Massage

Essential Oils

Let essential oils work together to detoxify and improve your overall well-being. Eight specific oils are applied directly to your body in a series of customized strokes followed by a classic Swedish massage.

90 min – $225

Lotus Dream Abhyanga Massage


Warm oil is rhythmically massaged into your body to loosen toxins, relax the nervous system, and provide profound rejuvenation. Your dosha will be determined before this treatment with a simple questionnaire. Your trained therapist will combine Abhyanga style strokes and customized ayurvedic oils to make this a truly personal experience. An oil scalp treatment is also included.

75 min - $205

Maternity Massage

Let our trained therapists comfort you during this wondrous time. Your treatment is designed to relax muscles and relieve stress through a variety of smooth gliding strokes.

Only available for 60 minutes

60 min - $155

Tension Tamer Massage

This treatment is focused on your neck, shoulders, and arms to release stress and tension carried in these specific areas. A standalone service or add to any massage to build the ultimate treatment.

30 min - $95


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