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Lotus Dream Abhyanga Massage


Warm oil is rhythmically massaged into your body to loosen toxins, relax the nervous system, and provide profound rejuvenation. Your dosha will be determined before this treatment with a simple questionnaire. Your trained therapist will combine Abhyanga style strokes and customized ayurvedic oils to make this a truly personal experience. An oil scalp treatment is also included.

75 min - $205

Tri-Dosha Facial


According to Ayurveda, healthy beautiful hair requires an ongoing hair routine along with the skin. In this facial, we accomplish both. Shibui uses locally sourced pure organic products to purify, balance and brighten your skin. Hot Dosha oils are liberally applied to your scalp for a sensational experience. The warm dosha oil and balancing bowl foot treatment are the perfect compliments to this balancing facial. Regardless of which Dosha is dominant, this session will have all of them living in harmony.

60 min - $175

Balancing Bowl Treatment Add-On


Done in silence, this Ayurvedic treatment will heighten your awareness and encourage you to open and experience a greater sense of peace. The balancing bowl is made up of metals that have specific properties to balance the subtle energies (doshas) in the system.

This treatment can be added to MOST services.

15 min - $20


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